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A Guide to Moral Decision Making Essay Sample

She tells them that nothing was done, that the appointment was just a follow-up. Generation of the Potential Consequences of all Actions and Determination of a Course of Action The consequences of the action to help her out despite of any payback would ensure her safety and allow her to establish a proper life that she deserves to have in a place where she has no threat from the sexual harassers.

Brown in jail and jobless, but what good would freedom and a job be if he were to die from drug overdose. It can be assumed that the outpatient clinic has some sort of policy regarding drugs. If this took place at my facility, I would have to consult with my nurse manager at the very least and maybe others in the facility, like the privacy officer to make sure I was not acting against Hospital policy.

Brown by returning the drugs into his possession, and she would be avoiding her role as a health professional as well as her role as a good Samaritan. Z to tell her that the biopsy was positive and that Mrs. I would take both parts of my analysis into account, and then I would make a decision.

Lee, or a part of it, was damaged. Similar cases can be found in medical literature. In order to resolve conflict between two or more ethical principles, it is best to employ an ethical decision making model.

Since, she does not have any money whatsoever to pay, she does deserve ethically to be treated by her doctor or be given legal guidance. Some people with cancer may act like children and become needy during illness.

There is an obvious concern for Mrs. Fidelity means professionals make real commitments and keep their promises. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Nursing professionals have a need to recognize ethical dilemmas and to have a systematic process for navigating through ethical decisions.

However, this is not always the case. After hanging up her coat, Andrea returns and notices the other man is gone. One of the most common ethical dilemmas is who can and should give consent for the patient. If nothing else, the nurse must ask enough questions in order to get to understand the patient and their personal view on their situation.

A Guide to Moral Decision Making Essay Sample

Often these conflicts do not surface until after some great trauma where the patient is incapacitated and suddenly they are at the center of a territorial war.

In order to resolve conflict between two or more ethical principles, it is best to employ an ethical decision making model. Moral Particularism uses other ethical theories as a spring board, but it focuses on the uniqueness of every patient and situation.

The benefits to breaking confidentiality would be to inform those close to the patient that her diagnosis is serious, but potentially curative treatment is available.

He talks with one of his colleagues, Dr. This may help the family to continue to pursue the truth. She wonders that because of her own countertransference that it may be best to just refer to him the reason she is having trouble working with him. Thus, the breaking of confidentiality would not have been necessary.

Ethical Decision Making Model Essay Sample

She is worried that is she does not address this issue to him that she will no longer be able to work with him. The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics recognizes the duty to protect confidentiality is not absolute.

Ethical Decision Making Paper Essay Sample. A health care case in need of evaluation using the steps to ethical decision making is described in Ethical Dimensions in the Health Professions by Ruth B.

Purtilo and Regina F. Doherty. A Guide to Moral Decision Making Essay Sample. Mr. Z is a visiting professor of biophysics at a large university medical center. The Z family came to the United States two years ago and will be in this country for five years.

Ethical Decision Making Paper Essay Sample

Moral Decision-Making Theory of Situation Ethics Essay Situation Ethics A summary of the moral decision making theory of Situation Ethics: Situation Ethics can be described as a ‘theory of love,’ for it holds that, in a moral dilemma, the course of action that is morally right is the one which is the most love-filled.

Decision making from cognitive or normative perspective can be defined as the process of selecting best logical choice from various available options and choices.

Majority of decisions in business are normative as they are based on logical decision Yost describes decision making as a concept on a continuum of conscientiousness. Making a Moral Decision In Joseph Conrad's short story "The Tale" and James Joyce's short story "A Painful Case" there are several similarities between the characters of 3/5(8).

Ethical Decision Making Essay.

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DOUGLAS Philosophical Approach to Ethical Decision Making Tasha L. Thomas 01/22/ Abstract Ethics is the branch of.

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